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Reflections of Mailer

In 2004, Charles Morris and writer Joseph
Lennon had dinner with the late Norman Mailer in Provincetown, MA.  Morris asked Mr. Mailer if he would like to collaborate on a portait that would reflect multiple facets of the author, his life, and his work.

To accompany his portrait, Mailer selected 18 images from Morris's books of small paintings and drawings. The half life-sized portrait, done in pencil, is embedded in a mirror shaped like a life-sized bust of Mr. Mailer. In this way, when a viewer looks in the mirror, Mailer's face takes the place of the viewer's face.

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Portrait of Joseph Lennon
A portrait of poet and scholar Joseph Lennon is accompanied by images he selected from Morris's books of hundreds of small drawings and paintings.  The portrait is in oil on Duralar sandwiched between two pieces of glass.  Seen through the glass are the images Lennon selected pasted onto maps of Ireland and the British Empire.  These maps are used in reference to Lennon's book "Irish Orientalism".

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