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Art Style Generator is a tool for conceptualizing new 2D works of art. Every time the homepage is refreshed, 11 dials for 11 fields of visual language are randomly reshuffled, and a new set of stylistic elements appears. More than 48 billion styles can be generated to provide inspiration for new works of art. You can go with the random elements or make your own selections.

For further exploration, tap or click on any one of the stylistic elements to go to a page on, where you will find a description of that element (and where corresponding works from museums, galleries, and individual artists will soon be featured.) These sites are designed to contribute to a growing recognition that the stylistic elements are not the domain of particular artists or historical periods, but that each is a timeless, essential part of visual language, belonging to all artists.

If you would like to commission Charles Morris to create a work of art based on the stylistic elements you choose on Art Style Generator, please contact us and we will be in touch to discuss possibilities.

Featured here is one of the 11 dials found on Art Style Generator, presenting a spectrum of basic ways of seeing: