…to a head…

At the Dubuque Museum of Art's "Voices" exhibition, 2005

Twelve painted panels were shown inside a 60' long canvas tunnel suspended from the ceiling. Multi-layered illuminated transparent images showed events unfolding in a post-suitcase-nuke America. Words painted on the panels showed the thoughts of an American living through the events. Each section of the tunnel had its own looping track of music. As visitors moved through the tunnel, they experienced the soundtrack in their own time.

Created in collaboration with composer John Frantzen, writer Joseph Lennon, and artist Rose Frantzen.

Haunted House for Your Head

Presented at Anonyme in Iowa City and at SoHo Think Tank in New York City. A cloth and wire tunnel suspended from the ceiling kept visitors heads enclosed as they moved through a space filled with musicians and actors. Created for Halloween events in collaboration with the following artists, musicians, and actors: Brian Alves, Jeff Bayson, Andrew Berg, May Chan, Larry Devore, Mark Garcia, Rodney Hanson, Rachel Heflin, Marit Hervig, Joseph Lennon, Jarryd Lowder, Katie Roche, John Shumway, Greg Spatz.